Monday, February 28, 2011

Tres Hermanos

All images © Valery Rizzo

My husband and I went to an opening at the Arch Collective Gallery, part of Beat Nite in Bushwick last week. After viewing paintings, photography, installations and mingling for a while we decided to leave to hunt for something light to eat. One of the artists in the show, also a friend, directed us to a place just around the corner where his girlfriend had gone with family to have a bite.

Upon entering, the place was filled with a mix of hipster and neighborhood locals, happily eating in this neon surrounded casual style restaurant. As we spotted our friends we searched for chairs to pull over to join them at a small table. Looking at the menu the first thing you’ll notice is wow! the great prices. Taquitos, tacos, tostados, tortas, picadas and quesadillas all with several varieties of fillings, chorizo, enchilada, carnitas, chicken, steak, cecina and vegetarian all with prices between $1.50 and $3.50. Run by a few Mexican women, two behind the grill and one behind the counter there seemed to be an honor system in place. You place the order, choose your own drinks from the freezer and they bring you your food and then afterwards before you leave you can tell them what you had to eat and they ring you up. I have not seen that since I was a kid growing up in Brooklyn. As our friend raved about how good the food was, another group of people entered with nowhere to sit. Before you knew it, a few tables and mismatched chairs were set up in the adjacent tortilleria (tortilla factory) which was on the other side of a glass wall and at the moment looked more like an empty garage.…e viola! a table for eight. This restaurant is fancy in no way, but I loved the laid back fun atmosphere, and the authentic Mexican vibe and cuisine. Tortilleria Taqueria Tres Hermanos, we like it so much we decided to go back this past weekend. We had the vegetarian tostadas, a Carnita Torta and some Guava soda, really fresh and simple. Tortilleria & Taqueria Tres Hermanos, you have to see the video on their website.

As an extra bonus if you are into thrift stores or prop hunting like I am, there is this crazy thrift store called Green Village, directly across the street from Tres Hermanos. I nearly died when I walked in and saw this enormous space packed with rows and rows of used clothing, furniture, books and yes! three rows stacked to ceilings with kitchen utensils, baking supplies, dishes, glasses and more. It’s like one big giant estate sale or more like digging through someone’s messy basement, but I found some good things. So if you are into that sort of thing I recommend a day of thrift shopping and tacos.


  1. literally yesterday, my boyfriend and I are wandering the streets in search of good mexican food in the city. I had made a delicious mexican breakfast and my boyfriend was craving more. Where are all the really down to earth, real mexican restaurants like we have in New Mexico and California (what I am used to) None if this $17 dollar guacamole! I want my delicious fresh real Mexi-Cali tacos for 2 bucks a pop! This might be it, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did :-)

  3. i've been to green village too. it's such a junky, crazy space, i feel like i never know what i'll come across... :)
    the food at los hermanos looks great - my stomach just growled while looking at it!

  4. said it, junky is the perfect adjective Melina, but I finally found one of those vintage cooling racks I have been unsuccessful finding anywhere else.

  5. OMGosh - I want to go there!!!

  6. Valery, It was a real special evening. To get to know you and Ivan better, and have you share some food with us. It was super special for my nephew, a budding musician to get to meet the REAL THING in Ivan. Also you should see this kids photos! My favorite is of a gas station at night. He has taken some good ones. Thanks for your conversation. I hope we get to share many more. Thanks for sharing you blog. Lets do a dinner at my house real soon! Not that we can cook, but for the conversation!