Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Chicago Tribune Garden Issue

Photo of Annie Novak © Valery Rizzo

It's that time of year again, where we start thinking about our gardens and begin planting our seedlings. This will be my fourth year with my vegetable garden in our backyard and I have my eye on exploring a few new urban farms in Brooklyn.

Last weekend I was thrilled to have a photograph I took of farmer and co-founder Annie Novak of Eagle Street Rooftop Farm published in the beautiful Garden Issue of The Chicago Tribune. Annie was featured as World's Cutest Urban Farmer and that she is! 

I also have great news about a photograph I took at The Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm during my residency at The Brooklyn Navy Yard being chosen to be part of the new Brooklyn Tourism Postcard Set. You can read more details about that on my other photographer's blog by clicking here.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

In and Around Brooklyn / April 2013

All images © Valery Rizzo

Instagram has become a community in itself and a great way to document each day and it's just downright fun and addictive. I also realize not everyone is on instagram so in addition to the recipes, stories and Brooklyn Photo of the Week, I will be adding another segment to Eating Brooklyn, once a month, called In and About Brooklyn, dedicated to showing some of my iPhone captures of everyday life.

1. Arugula scramble with hemp toast.
2. Orange tree in Brooklyn, Botanic Garden.
3. Vollkorn bread with almond butter.
4. Farmacy, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.
5. Taylor Farms baby kale, from the Park Slope Coop.
6. Soon-to-be masterpiece, my niece Siena painting.
5. Vintage cameras, Kings County Salvage, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
6. Cara Cara Oranges.
7. Ramonita's Restaurant, Moore Street Market, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
8. Coco, Moore Street Market.
9. Platanos, Moore Street Market.
10. Vintage car during Hurricane Sandy.
11. Historic Cannon, The Brooklyn Navy Yard
12. Repurposed the coolest whiskey bottle ever, with my homemade Limoncello.
13. Lunch, fettuccine with arugula and cherry tomatoes.
14. The same!
15. Bierkraft, Park Slope, Brooklyn.
16. Cafe Regular du Nord, Park Slope, Brooklyn.
17. Vollkorn Bread, dense malty loaf made with 100% organic rye flour and sprouted rye berries, topped with seeds, from Bakeri, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
18. Vintage flour package, Bakeri.

Monday, April 1, 2013

bthere Magazine: My City On A Plate

Brussels Airlines in-flight magazine, bthere, featured Eating Brooklyn this month in their April, Art Brussels Issue, on it's food page. There is a nice bit about the blog, recommendations for visitors to some of my favorite spots in the city and a photo I took at New Amsterdam Market. it's a beautiful publication and I hope to be collaborating and working more with the magazine in the future. Click here to view the entire on-line issue.