Sunday, February 24, 2013

Farm Fresh Brunch Skillet for One

Photo © Valery Rizzo

For brunch today I made use of some of the special places we have here in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I went to Valley Shepard Creamery on 7th Avenue, for their Farm Fresh, True Free Range Brown Eggs. I bought my favorite Quinoa Polenta at The Park Slope Coop along with the organic red peppers and thyme. Then for the first time I went to Fleisher's on 5th Avenue, where they have grass-fed and organic meats. I chose their Maple Breakfast Pork Sausage, which is made with salt, black pepper, sage, ginger, nutmeg, cumin, onion, garlic and maple syrup. The sausage caramelizes really nicely and is really lean, but if you are not into meat you can just add another slice of the polenta and its just as good. The fun part is you can just eat it right out of the skillet!

Farm Fresh Brunch Skillet for One

2 farm fresh brown eggs 
Quinoa polenta (you can use any ready to slice polenta)
3 slices of organic red pepper (or 1/2 a pepper if cooking two servings)
Fresh thyme
unsalted organic butter (I used Kate's Homemade, also from the food coop)
1 maple breakfast sausage (you can use any grass-fed organic sausage)
Freshly ground peppercorns
Sea salt 

You will need 1 or 2 frying pans and your 6 inch cast iron skillet for your serving dish. 

Give your frying pan a drizzle of olive oil. I cooked a couple sausages and 1/2 of a red pepper in separate pans and used the extra for a second dish for my husband. Add your sausage and red pepper to the pan/pans. When peppers and sausage are ready, save on the side.

In your cast iron skillet melt a bit of butter and add a slice of the polenta about 1/4 inch thick.
cook for a couple minutes on each side or until it starts to slightly brown.

Break two eggs into the skillet to fry them and add a bit of salt and pepper. Add your sausage and peppers to the pan and sprinkle everything with fresh thyme.

When eggs are cooked its ready to serve and eat directly out of the skillet. Enjoy!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Follow me on Instagram

Photo © Valery Rizzo

Did you know you could follow me on instagram as well? If instagram is your thing, and it does get addictive you can search valrizzo (Valery Rizzo) for extra images of recipes, food, restaurants, my life in Brooklyn and New York City or where ever else I might travel to and find myself.

I made this very simple healthy and yummy recipe today for lunch. Steamed sweet potatoes, cauliflower and organic chicken sprinkled with Pecorino Romano, freshly ground gourmet pepper blend (Park Slope Coop) and Eagle Street Rooftop Farm Pepper Salt. Could not be any easier than that.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Field to Fork Kings County Distillery for Nona Brooklyn

All images © Valery Rizzo

I recently shot a Field to Fork story for Nona Brooklyn tracing the corn from Lakeview Organic Grain in the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York to the Whiskey being made at Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn. You can check out more photos and the full story written by Nona's editor Peter Hobbs by clicking here

There are also some outtakes from the shoot throughout my other blog, if your interested.

A tour of Kings County Distillery which ends with a tasting is a must do in Brooklyn, their whiskey truly is THE best around. They also make a chocolate whiskey, great for your valentine.