Friday, February 15, 2013

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Photo © Valery Rizzo

Did you know you could follow me on instagram as well? If instagram is your thing, and it does get addictive you can search valrizzo (Valery Rizzo) for extra images of recipes, food, restaurants, my life in Brooklyn and New York City or where ever else I might travel to and find myself.

I made this very simple healthy and yummy recipe today for lunch. Steamed sweet potatoes, cauliflower and organic chicken sprinkled with Pecorino Romano, freshly ground gourmet pepper blend (Park Slope Coop) and Eagle Street Rooftop Farm Pepper Salt. Could not be any easier than that.

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  1. Hello, you can easily add your Instagram Photos feed to your website. Just go to and use free widget for this. Let us know if you'll need any help ;)