Monday, September 5, 2011

Brooklyn Photo of The Week : West Indian Day Carnival

Photo © Valery Rizzo

Every Labor Day Brooklyn celebrates with its West Indian Day Carnival along Eastern Parkway, starting at Utica Avenue. Besides all the amazing bright and colorful costumes and dancing there is all the West Indian food you can eat. All of Eastern Parkway is lined with stands featuring various dishes from every Caribbean island, made by restaurants as well as homemade varieties from someone's kitchen. They sell jerk chicken, chicken stew, fried chicken, beef stew, oxtail, rice and peas, salad, macaroni pie, fried flying fish, curry goat, roti, callaloo, souse, salt fish, fried bake, coconut bread, and much more. Today's special drink I found was sorrel, made from a meadow flower and mixed with spices and 100% proof rum.

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