Monday, February 20, 2012

Raaka Virgin Chocolate

Photo © Valery Rizzo

This week, the crew over at Raaka Virgin Chocolate in Clinton Hill were nice enough to send me a nice package containing some more of their beautiful dark chocolate coffee bars and a bag of Heartbreaker espresso beans from Café Grumpy.

The coffe bars are the perfect size to pair with a shot of espresso and your favorite book, cherishing that me time. The Blueberry Lavender is compared to a fine Pinot noir with notes of orange blossom. The Chile bar brings a sweet hot swell, with notes of papaya and raisin. The Vanilla Rooibos chocolate, a blend of South African red teas begins with succulent cherry notes and has a toasted marshmallow finish. And the 71% Dark with Sea Salt is a special house blend of ethically traded cocoa beans topped with Himalayan pink salt, with notes of ripe raspberry, clove and citrus. My kind of bar. Thank you Raaka!!

All of their bars can be purchased on Raaka's website as well as locations throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York State, the West Coast and Canada. 


  1. I have a strange feeling I might have seen those cups and that teaspoon before!

    The chocolates looks yummy! I have had chili flavoured chocolate before, so I wouldn't mind trying that one!

    Another lovely photo, Valery! It makes me wish I could grab a chocolate and a cup of coffee!

    I like the way dark brown is predominant, as a colour. It puts me in the mood for coffe and chocolate.

    Well done... again! Why am I not surprised?




  2. Hugs Anna! I love those cups too and the little spoon :) I will have to send you some Brooklyn chocolate next time ( Chile) As always thank you for the wonderful comment!

  3. I'm happy just hearing that our chocolate is used for "me time." The table's texture in this photo is amazing!

  4. haha...thanks Ryan! enjoyed reading your comment! I tried some of the Vanilla Rooibos today and wow what a nice flavor.

  5. I used to live in Clinton Hill, but I have never heard of this chocolatier! Clearly we moved away from Bklyn too soon. The blueberry lavender bar sounds amazing--I will be on the lookout for it!

  6. Hi Eileen, thanks for your comment. Raaka is actually pretty amazing chocolate with a very unique flavor and I believe they are relatively new in the past couple of years. On their website they have a list of locations that sell their chocolate and you can also order bars directly from their website as well.