Sunday, April 22, 2012

Old-School Italian: Carroll Gardens, James Beard, Saveur and Book News

All photos © Valery Rizzo

Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you know about a few things, the first being my most recent feature I shot for Nona Brooklyn, one of my other gigs. It's a story about the generations-old, family-run Italian Culinary Treasures of Carroll Gardens, when I was growing up it was called South Brooklyn. Click here to see the full feature on Nona.

In other great news, Nona Brooklyn was also nominated for a James Beard Award as well as for Best Group Blog in Saveur Magazine's 2012 Best Food Blog Awards. I am very proud to be a part of Nona and to work with the very talented co-founder and editor Peter Hobbs and all the other brillant writers, photographers and contributors.You can show your support by signing in and voting here. (The vote is not valid unless you sign in) The last day for voting is April 29th!
If you don't already know I was honored to be one of the many photographers profiled in the great Lara Ferroni's latest book, Food Photography, Pro Secrets for Styling, Lighting & Shooting. A really well written book loaded with pro photographer insight and information about food photography. It is now available for purchase on amazon by clicking here. There is a US and a British version.

Tomorrow I have to find out if the Park Slope Food Coop can ask their lemon farmer to include some leaves in their next shipment so I can start to working on my family's Limoncello recipe for Eating Brooklyn...they won't be the same lemons from Capri, but it will be made in Brooklyn! Please Park Slope Coop, can you get me some leaves.


  1. Dear Valery,

    If you had told me you needed lemons from Sorrento, we would have got them for you! My sister and I picked a whole box of them from one of the trees in Ogliastro! We used them to make salad dressings and for G&T!

    My mum's Limoncello recipe is in my blog, if you would like to compare it with the one you have. I posted it last year, at Easter.

    I have seen the feature in NONA Brooklyn and found it very interesting.

    The squid salad you included in this post looks really yummy and those ricotta filled sfogliatelle look so good, I wish I could eat one right now.

    You can buy hot sfogliatelle (we call this kind "ricce") in a bakery just outside the entrance to the Scavi, in Pompeii. They are the best I ever had!

    CIAO and well done! Those cranberries look fantastic!



  2. Ciao Anna,

    hahha..thanks Anna! Shipping the lemons here reminds me of the story I'm going to post with the recipe. Maybe I will include a link to your Limoncello recipe on your blog in my post. I will also have to try a Sfogliatella if I ever go back to Pompeii, it must be fantastic! but for now we have amazing ones right here in Brooklyn. Wish me luck with my Limoncello.

    Ciao, Valery

  3. valery,

    when you're ready for a road trip....

    i found you on G+