Monday, April 4, 2011

Interesting Finds at the Food Coop

I love when I find new and interesting things at the food coop. This week for me it was assorted organic fingerling potatoes in all different shapes and colors. I love the dark purple almost black ones, which when you slice into them the color inside is so unbelievably vivid and juicy, its as if they could be used as a natural paint or dye color.

I also found some green radishes, which I later found out are also called watermelon radishes. I had planned to add them to a salad with walnuts and Parmesan cheese. After slicing one of them open and admiring the beautiful bright centers, each individually different in pattern, I tried one and was a bit shocked at the taste and not in a good way. I quickly did some research and found these radishes are primarily used in Asian cuisine and needed some soy sauce to make them tasty. So I abandoned the Parmesan cheese and instead thought a carrot ginger dressing would be perfect… so for the first time I used my blender and made a carrot ginger dressing, made with soy sauce and olive oil and sprinkled that on top of a salad made with organic green leaf lettuce, mustard greens, pulled pieces of roasted chicken, walnuts and watermelon radishes. The salad together with some elderberry juice was a perfectly beautiful lunch.

I have also been crazy lately for simple alfalfa sprouts salads. A simple recipe to throw together in a bowl with a bit of olive oil, soy sauce and a bit of salt and pepper. I make sure to get the organic kind because all the talk about genetically modified alfalfa lately is really scary. I like to then pair it with something just as simple to make, like some kabocha squash, roasted with garlic cloves, sage, extra virgin olive oil and some salt and pepper. Another great lunch.

All images © Valery Rizzo

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